Ghede Linto

Ghede Linto is a Loa in Haitian Voodoo that performs miracles, although many think he’s a small boy because of his politeness.

Linto is an old about 5 feet tall, dark skinned man with a cane, glasses and an old fashioned black hat. He’s very well mannered and docile.

He loves to teach his worshipers to sing and enjoys leaving them gifts he made out of rum, Florida water, a cigarette and fire.

He would cut a piece of thread for each of his servants or children from his house; drop them in his special mix and needles will come out of it for everyone; other times like gold rings or gold chains will be given too.

Linto does these miracles to assure his children they are in good hands and he also loves to make knots out of their scarves just to surprise them with gifts.

Linto’s work is very proficient, direct and accurate, he can smell trouble 6 months away and assist you to either prepare for it or teaches you ways to prevent it.