Baron La Croix

Baron La Croix is one of the leaders of the Ghede nanchon in Voodoo, Voudoo or Voudoun. The Ghede nanchon or nation are the spirits of the dead.

Baron La Croix – like all the aspects of the Ghede Baron – has a strong sense of humor, and a sense of the ridiculous. He is the extreme expression of individuality, and a reminder to delight in life’s pleasures while you can. Live well, and be happy, for the poorest and the richest, the laziest and the most hard-working, all share the ultimate universal experience: Death.

As well as being Loa of the Dead, the Ghede Baron’s aspects – Baron Samedi, Baron La Croix, Baron Cimitiere and Baron Kriminel – are Loa of sexuality; cultured, and suave, they are debonair, despite being given to crudeness and an almost rude degree of directness.

The Baron likes to dress well, and favors long black coat-tails, top hats, smoked glasses and an elegant cane. He is ever the humorist, and will help you keep your sense of proportion, and sense of balance in times of extreme change.