Rada refers to the main nanchon, or nation, of Voodoo rituals and Loa, originating in Ardra – an area on the coast of Dahomey.

The Rada Loa are generally older, more beneficient spirits associated strongly with the gods of Africa. They include Legba, Loko, Ayizan, Aniaisa Pye, Damballa-Wedo and Ayida-Wedo, Erzulie Freda, La Sirene and Agwe.

In addition to their own personal colours, Rada Loa aspects are associated with the colour white.

Rada Loa are contrasted with the more recent Petro invocations with their aggressive, violent manifestations.

Neither Rada nor Petro produce a more powerful outcome, or superior Loa – one aspect  is more peaceful, the other more violent; both are equally strong.