In Haitian Voodoo, Voodun or Voudoun a Hounsi is an accepted devotee at a hounfor, or temple.

Those not fully trained, and thus charged with the more mundane duties, are termed “hounsis bossale” (bossale means wild or uncultivated).

The fully trained undergo the rigorous “canzo” initiation, under the watchful eye of the Loas of the Canzo – Ayizan Velekete and her husband Loko Atisou.

Passing through the Canzo, the Hounsis Bossale assumes the title of a “Hounsis Canzo” – an Initiated Hounsis, and one step closer to becoming Mambo or Houngan.

The training involves every aspect of the service of the Loa, and many Hounsi do not make the transition through the difficult Canzo to continue on their path to becoming Houngan or Mambo.