In Haitian Voodoo, Voudoun or Voudoo, the Loa of the Ghede nanchon or nation are the spirits of the dead.

Usually led by the aspects of the four Barons (rude, loud and boisterous, and renowned for taking great pleasure in their manifestations.

They have a crude and direct sense of humor, and care little for the results of their actions.

As they have already lived, they have no fear of consequences. In Voodoo rituals and possession they will frequently display their disregard for feeling by demonstrations such as eating broken glass or raw chilies.

In addition to their own individual colours, the Loa in the Ghede nanchon are associated with purple and black.

Other Ghede Loa include Ghede Linto, Ghede Loraj, Ghede Nibo and Ghede Doubye.