Sep 8 2011

Ghede Nibo

In Haitian Voodoo, Ghede Nibo was a handsome young man who was killed violently. After death, he was adopted as a spirit or Loa by Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte and became a leader of the spirits of the dead.

Envisioned as an effeminate, nasal dandy, Nibo wears drag or a black riding coat after the style of the Ghede Barons. When he possesses humans they are inspired to lascivious sexuality of all kinds.

Ghede Nibo is considered a great healer, carrying a bottle of white rum infused with medicinal herbs.

He often also carries a staff and smokes a cigar. Nibo is the special patron of those who die young.

Purple is considered his sacred color, and usual offerings include black goats, black roosters, calabash, cigars, coconut, fried plantains, pistachios, smoked herrings, sweet sesame balls, and white rum spiced with African bird pepper.