Sep 8 2011

Baron Kriminel

Baron Kriminel is a much feared Loa in Haitian Voodoo, Voudoun or Voodun. He is envisioned as a murderer who has been condemned to death, and is invoked to pronounce swift judgment.

When a person becomes possessed by Baron Kriminel they shout obscenities, spit and try to stab surrounding people.

If, during possession, Baron Kriminel is presented with food he does not like, he will try to bite chunks out of the arms of the possessed person.

He sometimes calls for sacrifices of black chickens to be doused in petrol or oil and set alight. The shrieking of the chickens when being burned alive is said to appeal to the cruel nature of Baron Kriminel and appease him.

His colours include black, purple, white and deep blood red.

Baron Kriminel will often grant requests in lieu of later payment, he is said to return on Fete Ghede, or the Voodoo Day of the Dead, to claim his payment in full.

Sep 8 2011

Mademoiselle Charlotte

In Voodoo, Mademoiselle Charlotte is a Loa of European descent and a symbol of all white women.

She manifests with the perceived personality traits of a white woman, but appears during the course of Voodoo ceremonies only rarely, possibly because of her non-African origin.

Mademoiselle Charlotte loves the strict observance in her honor of all the niceties of ritual protocol. She prefers to speak French.

She enjoys sweet rose, blue, white or cream colored beverages; water sweetened with syrup; all kinds of non-alcoholic liqueurs; and clairin.

Her colour is rose. She prefers the tender meat of young chickens as her ritual food offering. Like Erzulie, her services are difficult to obtain; she only works for people to whom she takes a fancy.

May 20 2011


The veve of Damballah Wedo

The veve of Damballah Wedo

Damballah Wedo is depicted as a serpent or snake, and his veves reflect this aspect of him.

His presence brings peace and harmony. As a source of life, he is also strongly associated with water and the rain.

When he possesses a human, he does not speak but instead only hisses and whistles. His movements are also snake-like, and can including slithering along the ground, flicking his tongue, and climbing tall objects.
Damballah Wedo is associated with creation and is viewed as a loving father to the world.

Damballah Wedo is strongly connected to the ancestors, and he and his companion Ayida-Wedo are the oldest and wisest of the loa.

Ayida Wedo is likewise associated with snakes and is Damballah’s partner in creation. Because the creative process is seen as shared between male and female, Damballah-Wedo’s veves generally depict two snakes rather than just one.

Damballa rules the intellect, the mind, and keeps cosmic balance. He is the protector of the handicapped, deformed, cripples and albinos. He is married to Erzulie Freda, the flirtatious goddess of love.

In his Petro aspect he is Damballah Nan Flambo – Damballah of the Flame – and is believed to speak through flames and fires.

He is believed to have manifested through St Patrick, who drove the snakes from Ireland, and sometimes said to be linked with Moses, when his staff turned into a serpent.