May 20 2011


The Veve of Ogoun

The Veve of Ogoun

In Haitian Vodun, Ogoun (or Ogun, Ogou) is a Loa who presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war.

He is also considered to be the Father of technology as we know it today. He is the patron of smiths and of the unemployed and is usually displayed with a machete or sabre, rum and tobacco.

He is one of the husbands of Erzulie, but is also linked to Oshun in a fiery and passionate affair of the heart.

Ogoun is the traditional warrior, similar to the spirit of Ares in Greek mythology.

As such, Ogoun is mighty, powerful, and triumphal; yet, also exhibits the rage and destructiveness of the warrior whose strength and violence can turn against the community he serves.

Ogun gives strength through prophecy and magic.

It is Ogoun who is said to have planted the idea, led and given power to the slaves for the Haitian Revolution of 1804.

In all his incarnations Ogoun is a fiery and martial spirit.

He can be very aggressively masculine, but can  rule the head of female, or effeminate male initiates to whom he takes a liking.

He is also linked with blood, and is for this reason often called upon to heal diseases of the blood.

In addition, he is often called upon to bring work to the unemployed.