Sep 7 2011

Ghede Nimbo

The most benevolent of the Loa of the Dead, powerful in healing and as protector of children as well as being a great jester.

Two of his best-known titles are Brav’ Ghede and Ghede Nimbo.

The title Nimbo relates him to the Ndemba Society, an African cult whose mysteries are concerned with death and resurrection.

There are a considerable number of Ghede Loa, and their position is generally held to be between Rada and Petro.

Sep 2 2011

Gran Bwa

The vévé  of Gran Bwa

The vévé of Gran Bwa

Gran Bwa means “Great tree” and he is the master of the forests of Vilokan, the island that is home to the Loa.

He is strongly associated with plants, trees and practices associated with those materials such as herbalism.

Gran Bwa is also the master of the wilderness in general, and thus can be wild and unpredictable. Continue reading

May 20 2011


The Veve of Ayizan

The Veve of Ayizan

Ayizan – also refered to as Grande Ai-Zan, Aizan or Ayizan Velekete – is the primal or archetypal Mambo.

She is the wife of Loko Atisou, with whom she shares the guardianship of religious traditions, healing powers, and the reverence due to parents and to ancestors. Ayizan is also the loa of the marketplace, and of commerce, bringing benefits to merchants and buyers.

She is closely associated with priestly mysteries and secrets, particularly those around the canzo or initiation of a hounsi. With her husband, Loko, she presides over the canzo ceremony in which the asson is presented to the initiated Mambo or Houngan.

Ayizan’s symbol – the royal palm tree – is a traditional west African symbol of freedom and of the overlap between the physical and spirit worlds. She is associated with the Catholic Saint Claire, and, in strong contrast to other Loa, such as Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi, drinks no alcohol.

The colours of Ayizan are gold, white and yellow.