Sep 7 2011


Agassou (also Ati-a-sou, not to be mistaken for Adjassou Linguetor) is a Voodoo or Voodun Loa who guards and protects the old traditions of Dahomey.

Agassou was the ruler of a west African sect who honor the leopard as their totemic animal. He ascended to the status of Loa on his mortal death. His Loa is often depicted as the chosen one sent to Haiti by Ayida-wedo to bring Voodoo to her displaced African children, and to start them on the road to freedom.

In his Rada aspect he is Ati Agassou; in his Petro, he is Hougan Agassou, reflecting his work as a powerful voodoo magician.

His symbolic day is Thursday, and his colors are brown and gold.

Agassou is invoked in a voodoo ceremony when money is needed in the temple, or hounfor. His incarnations are said to be able to transform cigarettes into money.